Fee Protection Scheme


The FPS serves to protect the students’ fees in the event that a PEI is unable to continue operating due to insolvency, and/or regulatory closure. The FPS also protects the students if the PEI fails to pay penalties or return fees to the students arising from judgments made against it by the Singapore courts.


The FPS is compulsory for all students taking programmes at PEIs seeking EduTrust certification.


At upGrad Institute, we have entered into an agreement with Lonpac Insurance for our FPS requirements. All course fees will be protected under the Lonpac Insurance.


Total course fees will be paid directly into our upGrad Institute Bank Account below:


  Account Name   upGrad Institute Pte Ltd
  Account Number    005-902224-4

Click here to download the Master Certificate of Insurance.


Kindly refer to CPE website for more details.

Student Support Services


Pastoral Counselling


Pastoral Counselling is done by external professional counsellors to students who are having emotional problem.


Pastoral counselling includes:

* Providing emotional support for students to help them cope with mental stress relating to a new environment or course demands.


* Implementing programs to create a culture and climate of care, trust and friendliness that encourage student attendance and involvement.


Academic Counselling


Academic counselling with the teacher/ head of department if student score less than 30% for continuously 2 times in any subjects’ tests without any improvement.


Teacher/ head of department will work out remedial actions where possible and set target of at least 10% improvement. Teacher will monitor the student. If students can achieve 3 consecutive improvements that achieve target, they will be removed from academic counselling.


If students’ results remain unchanged or become worse, they will be advised to change level, go for pastoral counselling (PC) for any issues related to poor academic performance and seek external help (e.g. tuition).

Standard PEI-Student Contract


The Standard PEI-Student Contract (“Student Contract”) upGrad Institute adopts is a very important legal document between the Institute and the student. This is a mandatory requirement of the Committee for Private Education (CPE). 


*Committee for Private Education (CPE) is part of SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG).


It is the responsibility of the Institute to explain the following contents of the student contract in English or in the native language of the student, where applicable.


  1. Course information and Fees
  2. Course information and Fees Refund Policy, including Refunds for Withdrawal for Cause and Refunds for Withdrawal without Cause
  3. Fee Protection Scheme by Insurance or Escrow
  4. Medical Insurance Scheme
  5. Any other information as deemed necessary.

All students are required to sign two original sets of student contract. One set will be given to the student and one set will be kept by the Institute.


If any amendment is made which will change the original intent of the student contract, both the student and upGrad Institute must sign beside the amendment(s) on both sets of the original student contracts.


Students are given 7 days, the cooling off period, after signing the student contract to change your mind about enrolling in the course that you had chosen. As according to the refund policy and procedures, during the cooling off period, should the student choose to withdraw, they will be able to obtain a 100% refund of course fees.


All fields must be completed in the student contract. Where it is not applicable, it must be indicated with “not applicable or N/A”.


Click here to download the Standard PEI-Student Contract.


Kindly refer to CPE website for more details.